Food Recalls Increase in Q2 2016

When President Obama signed the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) into law almost 5 years ago, we knew it would take time for the FDA to begin enforcing this sweeping reform. The goal of FSMA is to shift the focus from responding to contamination, to preventing it. The impact felt by manufacturers includes increased scrutiny around traceability, quality control and  testing, and the final product going out the door.  This new scrutiny has already produced results. Whether it is the FDA forcing a recall or processors taking the initiative to recall their product, there has been a record number of contamination recalls, and it will continue to climb.

To address the claims exposures, Parker, Smith & Feek works with our food-manufacturing clients to ensure a product recall and contamination policy is in place and has the appropriate endorsements, such as government recall. We also partner with food safety consultants and crisis consultants to assist clients taking their first steps in pathogen testing, HACCP, SQF, and many other preventative measures.

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