Gadget Distractions

Individually we can justify nearly any gadget use and thanks to new technology the world has become a gadget superhighway that has no barriers.

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Visit BAM for Free!

Parker, Smith & Feek is once again pleased to be a supporting sponsor of the Bellevue Art Museum’s artsfair. Our support means that admission to the Museum will be free Friday through Sunday, July 23rd, 24th and 25th during the fair.

The 64th annual artsfair will be held at the Bellevue Arts Museum and at Bellevue Square. 325 exhibitors will offer unique, handmade arts & crafts that are seldom seen anywhere else. Media include drawing/pastels, fiber, furniture, glass, jewelry, metal work, mixed media, painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture, wearable and wood.

For more information please visit:

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Summer finally hits the Pacific Northwest

After several months of rain, we are finally seeing a prolonged period of warm summer weather. I always find it funny that some of us in the Pacific Northwest will lament about the rain and cold weather for months, but if the temperature raises to above 80 for more than a couple of days, there will be people complaining about the heat as well.

We seem to forget that we need a good mix of both sun and rain to create all of the lavish green surroundings that we all cherish.

This reminds me a little of purchasing insurance, as we can lose sight of the long-term picture.

During my career I have never seen the focus on price so heightened as it is during today’s tough economic times. And while I understand the need to focus on price, we continue to ensure that our account teams also keep focused on other variables such as claims service, contract language and risk management support that combine to make a robust insurance program.

Our mission is to “guide our clients to make informed risk management decisions and develop innovative insurance, surety and employee benefits solutions uniquely suited to their needs”. This includes looking at all variables that allows us to advise clients on both the short-term and long-term aspects of your insurance program.

Enjoy the weather, and let’s hope that it lasts just a little bit longer.

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Happy Fourth of July

Six months into the New Year we find the insurance marketplace and the economy just as challenging as we predicted. It seems many of our clients are still shedding jobs and are not seeing any indication of substantial change this year or next.

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This Boomer to go out Tweeting

Parker, Smith & Feek’s launch into the world of social media has highlighted more clearly the delineation of the generations within our firm. Not surprisingly those of us nearing the end of our careers are skeptical of any benefit.

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New website home page

You may have noticed that we have just updated our website’s home page to accommodate some new enhancements. The new look is designed to give you easy access to the latest articles, case studies and other events here at Parker, Smith & Feek.

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Healthcare Costs – What are we doing?

Just because we are an Insurance and Risk Management Professional Services firm, does not mean we are immune to the increasing costs of Healthcare.

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iPhones in the Corporation

In the geek world of any corporate environment, you have this constant struggle between trying to give what your staff desire versus the business needs of your organization.

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Go Team!!

The Parker, Smith & Feek, Feekers n Sneekers Team (including the newest member Jacen, 8 months old) gearing up for the Fred Hutch Cancer Reseach Centers 2010 Shore Run. One of the goals for our company wellness program is to get out in the community, be active and support our local charities.

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Our current Focus

The two "hot" topics in the insurance and risk management industry that we are focused on. The first of course is Health Care reform. Our current activity in our Employee Benefits department is centered on ensuring that our clients understand what the reform regulation means for their employees and their businesses.

Not only is it important to understand the immediate impacts and what program structure alterations that need to be made, but to lay out a plan and strategy for the future with regards to the additional reform changes that will be phased in over time.

We are sending out updates via email to all our contacts.

On the Property / Casualty front, the recent BP Oil spill is a reminder to our clients that being well prepared for worse case scenarios can mean the difference between simply managing through a catastrophic event but actually surviving one.

Many businesses over look the importance of a detailed business disaster recovery plan and focus too much attention on the insurance purchase transaction. Good risk management and preparation is critical for businesses of any size. BP purchased a lot of insurance, but their survival is hinging on their ability to execute a response to the spill and damage to their reputation long term – not how high of limits were purchased from an insurance carrier.

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The economy takes a pause

Stock markets are considered to be good leading indicators of future economic activity. Company values, or share prices, are based on expectations of future earnings, and future earnings are based on expected company revenue growth and profitability.

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Video Conferencing

While the world might be focused on the magical tablet scene, the revolution of instant-on computing and finger smudges on a screen, there is one sleeper technology that is about to hit mainstream: Video conferencing.

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