Importance of Partnerships

Partnerships with other firms and industry organizations throughout the world are important to Parker, Smith & Feek.  Through these networking relationships, we gain access to a global talent pool of insurance professionals who can help us serve our clients’ needs when our reach requires expansion and greater depth.  These relationships also help us share best practices.  The firms that we choose as partners match the depth of our knowledge and skill sets.  Joining these organizations is a testament to the unmatched capabilities of Parker, Smith & Feek.

Insurance Partners

Parker, Smith & Feek represents a broad cross section of insurance company partners.  Chosen for their products and service, these companies represent the best the insurance industry can offer and they create meaningful and cost-effective options for our clients.  We maintain a Security Committee, composed of one member from each service area of our firm, which meets regularly to review the financial health of our insurance partners and to evaluate the services and claims experience they are providing our clients.

Par Ltd.

Professional Agencies Assurance (PAR) was established in 1986 in response to the needs of a small group of agency principals who were all committed to growing their firms while remaining privately held.

PAR has established an extensive Quality Management program (QMP). The program is based on the premise that in order to truly prosper, “quality” must be integrated into every aspect of a firm’s culture and permeate every action and client touch point--from initial needs assessment, through regular account servicing and risk assessment. It is an ongoing, evolving process.

Parker, Smith & Feek has been awarded the annual PAR excellence award for six consecutive years starting in 2004. The honor is awarded annually by Professional Agencies Reinsurance, Ltd for outstanding performance in quality management and customer service.