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Initiative 124: What It Means For Seattle Hotels

Patrick McHugh | Account Executive Last November, Seattle voters passed Initiative 124. The act establishes a number of new safety and health standards for hotel employees in the city of Seattle. It also creates significant administrative burdens for Seattle hoteliers. The act‘s numerous rules and regulations, which became effective in December 2016, have led many […]

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Professional Employer Organizations –
Issues and Implications

Introduction It is common for employers to rely on more than one source when seeking workers to address needs for changing business demands and needs for different types of expertise. Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) are an increasingly common resource for employers. This Issue Brief highlights several important issues businesses should consider when retaining the services […]

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Cyber Security Insurance:
An Expected Cost of Doing Business?

As technology continues to dominate more and more of our lives and business, cyber security is no longer optional.

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Co-Packing and Private Labeling Liability
Part 2: It’s Our Product, But Not Our Brand

Many manufacturers and food processors have expanded their production and increased sales revenue by providing co-packing services to other companies.

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