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Keeping Up With Clinical Risk Management:
Should You Be Texting Your Patients?

As technology advances, patients are becoming increasingly active partners in their care. The boost in sales of personal mobile health devices that deliver instant results, such as Apple watches and Fit Bits…

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Insuring Against Contamination and/or Pollution in Healthcare

A healthcare facility is a place that most of us think of as safe when we are sick or injured. However, recent news of a local hospital shutting down all of its operating rooms due to mold contamination is a reminder that there are contamination and pollution risks associated with healthcare establishments.

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Becoming the CEO of Your Personal Life –
A Personal Insurance Series: Staying Current

When we make changes in our busy lives, it’s easy to forget how they may affect our personal insurance. As a result, people often have important coverage gaps or pay more premium than they should.

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Funding Healthcare and Retirement Expenses with HSAs

Today’s employers are faced with the monumental task of offering competitive benefits to a very diverse workforce in an extremely tight labor market (while keeping costs in check), promoting wellness and consumerism to its participants, and helping employees balance their needs for health and wealth management now and in the future.

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Mitigating Rising Auto Insurance Rates

Make no mistake, automobile insurance rates have been increasing over the past few years and seem to be picking up steam. Average rate increases, even for policyholders with relatively good loss histories, have been around 5%-7%. For those with greater loss activity, the increases have been in the double digits.

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