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IRS Releases Additional COBRA Subsidy FAQ

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has issued new COBRA subsidy guidance in Notice 2021-46 (the Notice) which supplements guidance released earlier in Notice 2021-31. The new Notice principally addresses issues related to the process plan sponsors use to recover lost COBRA premium payments through a payroll tax credit.

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COBRA Subsidy Expiration Notice

It is already time to think about the distribution of the expiration notice for the COBRA subsidy as required by the American Rescue Plan Act (ARP). This notice has also been referred to as a termination notice.

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Protecting Your Employees from Identity Theft and Cybercrime

This article focuses on offering your employees identity theft protection as a benefit, but I would be remiss not to mention that you should have cyber liability coverage in place to protect your organization.

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COBRA Subsidy – Updated Form 941

Form 941, the employer’s quarterly federal tax return, has been updated to allow employers to claim a credit for any COBRA subsidies provided to assistance eligible individuals in accordance with §9501 of the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARP).

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Surprise Billing – “Part 1” of Regulations Issued

On July 1, 2021, The Office of Personnel Management (OPM), along with the departments of Health and Human Services (HHS), Labor (DOL), and Treasury released “Part 1” of regulations implementing the No Surprises Act.

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Important Changes to Student Loan Repayment Programs

Student loan repayment programs are a valuable tool for recruitment and retention for employers looking for talent. American Student Assistance (ASA) found that 86% of employees would be willing to commit five years of their career to a company that helps them pay down their student debt.

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