Pollution Legal Liability

Pollution Legal Liability, or PLL, is an insurance policy that helps cover the environmental risk associated with owning, developing or operating a facility or site.

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Employee Spotlight: Chad Kincaid

Tell us about how you became CFO? It was about 2011, and my wife and I had moved up here to the Pacific Northwest from Los Angeles to be closer to her family. Because of the economic downturn at the time, the landscape of opportunity wasn’t exactly the greatest for me, but luckily a recruiter Read More »

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Employee Spotlight: Danielle Donovan

What’s your role at PS&F? My role here is to partner with clients and help them to identify and put controls in place to prevent any adverse consequences and minimize any losses. I also work with internal teams when they are prospecting, and help the clients to understand that Parker, Smith & Feek does have Read More »

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