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Bellevue Commercial Manager: Cliff Rudolph

Cliff Rudolph

Parker, Smith & Feek is thrilled to announce that Cliff Rudolph, Parker, Smith & Feek Principal and Vice President, has accepted the position of Bellevue Commercial Manager. Cliff has continually demonstrated extraordinary servant leadership, creative problem solving, an unparalleled dedication towards his coworkers and clients, and a limitless desire to improve Parker, Smith & Feek.

Cliff has expertise in a wide variety of industries, including technology, manufacturing, and financial services companies, and spearheaded Parker, Smith & Feek’s Manufacturing Practice Group. He also managed and led the opening of our Tacoma Regional Office, which has grown quickly in its inaugural year of active operations. During his 14 years with Parker, Smith & Feek, he has served as a coach and leader for our employees, and been an active driver of revenue growth.

Parker, Smith & Feek CEO and President, Dave Eckroth, said, “We are very excited to see the energy, ideas, and new lifeblood Cliff will bring to his position and the Bellevue Commercial Department.”

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