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Every company is different

One thing that I have seen over the last 18 months is that when it comes to wellness, every company is different. One wellness challenge or initiative may work for one company, but not achieve the desired results for another.

The key is to adapt each initiative and challenge to fit with your own company’s culture and resources. It also helps to empower your employees to use their creative side, and their talents that may not be necessarily related to their job function.

I have one client that has amazingly talented singer and video editor within their committee, and to launch their programs they produce these high quality videos to get there staff energized. While not every company has those skills many companies have other skills that can be equally impressive; Graphic designers, musicians or even budding actors that could roam the office hallways to promote an upcoming wellness event.

If you use and appreciate their talents, they too will feel energized and become your leading wellness cheerleaders.

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