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President’s Message

Peter Drucker (1909-2005) Management Philosopher


In conversation after conversation with fellow business leaders, a central theme emerges – the importance of culture in our firms. For many of us, culture becomes our key point of differentiation.

Of course, business strategy is important. However, Peter Drucker’s words emphasize the idea that strategies are far more effective when implemented in a high functioning environment. Healthy environments are almost always distinguished by a strong culture, one that aligns goals so employees are motivated to act consistently with the values of the organization.

For over 75 years our culture has served us well. From the beginning, we defined ourselves as consultants, not salespeople. We provide our clients with a professional service, not just insurance policies. We remain privately-held because we believe this structure allows us to align closely with our clients’ business objectives. It’s the reason all our staff is paid a salary for meeting client expectations, instead of commission incentives for selling insurance policies.

Among all of the fine insurance brokers in our region, only Parker, Smith & Feek has been selected for so much national recognition for our operations, our information management systems and our quality assurance procedures.This recognition distinguishes us among our peers as the industry leader in service. It has allowed us to achieve remarkable client retention, which averages more than 95% from year to year. I attribute our incredible retention performance directly to our culture.

It is our privilege to serve so many outstanding companies as they do business in every region of North America and on six continents. On behalf of Parker, Smith & Feek employees, thank you to our many wonderful clients and friends who have been so supportive of us. Our marketplace continues to change, and we are pleased to share our insights on the insurance landscape for 2013.

All the best,
Greg Collins, President & CEO


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