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Social Media is just a tool!!

The other day, I had a discussion with the marketing team from a prominent national retailer about how marketers are placing so much emphasis on social media. From those discussions, which became a heated debate at times, I found that were definitely two camps. Some live for social media and are totally convinced that it is the next major breakthrough in how we go about engaging customers/clients. Others are not completely convinced that it’s the next best thing, but do see its value as a marketing tool. I’m definitely in the latter camp, especially in the B2B environment.

Your social media strategy should revolve around what you want to achieve as part your overall marketing strategy. Too many B2B marketers let their marketing strategy be dictated by how these sites work or rely too heavily on social media as a medium, and end up missing opportunities. Remember that social media is like any traditional marketing medium and start your strategy by following the same basic marketing principles.

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