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We wish there was more we could do!

There are so many factors that affect employees outside of work. For the past couple of years, I have certainly noticed that a lot of my own family and friends have been impacted in some way by this worsening economy and our employees are also seeing the effects that this downturn brings.

As an organization, we wish there was more to make our employees feel better while at work. What we try to do is relieve as much stress as possible, through our wellness initiatives.

Our wellness program ‘Your Choice, Your Future’ has had mixed results so far. Some of our employees have jumped on board and are taking advantage of the wellness challenges and the new healthier snack options we have provided for them. However, some are worried that we are might be intruding on their lifestyles.


We simply care about their health and their wellbeing. Our employees are Parker, Smith & Feek’s single greatest asset – to us, it’s kind of like taking out an insurance policy on our employees.

So as we move into 2012, I will be sharing with you both our successes and failures as we try to improve the general wellbeing of our employees.

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