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COVID-19 Update: April 24, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect our lives and organizations, and is evolving quickly each and every day. Parker, Smith & Feek is dedicated to keeping you informed on the latest information.

General Insurance Updates

Alaska Division of Insurance Notifications

opens in a new windowAK Order R20-03
This order provides premium relief for property and casualty insurers, allowing for policy holders to self-report COVID-19 related changes to exposures and perform self-audits, and more. Read the order for more details.

opens in a new windowAK Order R20-04
This order provides premium relief for insurers, preventing cancellation for non-payment, expanding eligibility for employees under group health plans, and more. Read the order for more details.

Webinar: Answering Your COVID-19 Financial Resources

Parker, Smith & Feek has put together a webinar that addresses your questions about available financial resources with a panel of internal and external experts. opens in a new windowWatch the recording to learn more.

Healthcare Update

Phasing Back Into Business – Danielle Donovan

To the relief of many in the healthcare industry, the federal government has released new guidance for when and how facilities can begin to resume offering care halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. opens in a new windowRead more in this article from Danielle Donovan.

Hospitality Update

Washington Hospitality Association Webinar Series – Business Insurance – Coronavirus Insurance Q&A

opens in a new windowReview a recording of the webinar, featuring Jim Chesemore and Patrick McHugh, from April 15th to learn about business interruption coverages, food delivery coverage, mid-term policy adjustments, and the OIC emergency order 2020-03.

Employee Benefits Update

Alaska Division of Insurance Notifications

opens in a new windowAK Order R20-05
This order allows Alaskans to maintain their health coverage while allowing insurers increased flexibility. It also gives details on access options for various services. Read the order for more details.

opens in a new windowAK Order R20-06
This order instructs health insurers to remove restrictions on access to care services related to utilization and concurrent review. Read the order for more details.

Colorado Issues Bulletin for Health Insurance Providers

Bulletin No. B-4 107 reminds health insurance providers of obligation to provide coverage for certain health care services for persons with COVID-19 or symptoms. opens in a new windowRead the bulletin for more information.

Oregon Announces Temporary Rule for Family Leave

The Oregon Family Leave Act announced a temporary rule to allow for time off to care for children as a result of school closures due to public emergency, effective through September 13. opens in a new windowRead the filing for more details.

City of Seattle Issues Temporary Emergency Rule on Healthcare Provider Information

The Office of Labor Standards issued a temporary, emergency rule that clarifies employers may not require employees to provide healthcare provider verification, as it is an unreasonable burden during the COVID-19 pandemic. Employers must identify and offer alternatives for the employee to meet any verification requirement, which may not result in an unreasonable burden or expense to the employee. This is effective through June 7.

Additionally, Seattle amended the Paid Sick and Safe Time Ordinance to include providing paid leave when any family member’s school or place of care has been closed, and removed the condition that the closure be for a health-related reason or that a public official order the closure.  opens in a new windowRead the rule for more information.

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