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Parker, Smith & Feek Vice President, Population Health & Wellness, Kristy Clark

Kristy Clark

Employee Benefits

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Kristy Clark

Vice President, Population Health & Wellness


As Vice President and Population Health & Wellness Consultant, Kristy partners with our employee benefits clients to strategize, develop, implement, and nurture employee wellness programs.

Kristy strives to help clients create a culture of wellness in their workplaces with the intent to improve health outcomes for employees. Wellness programs that reduce barriers to healthy living can decrease the incidence of chronic disease, improve employee morale, invoke synergies within peer groups for participation, and may reduce costs. Kristy feels strongly that the workplace provides a natural venue for health promotion and disease prevention since most of the working population spends eight or more hours a day at their place of work and receives their access to health care through insurance there. Wellness policies that address nutrition, physical activity, smoking, stress and mental health may influence health behaviors at least while employees are at work, and may even reach to family members.

Kristy has over 25 years of insurance industry experience in benefit account management with fully insured and self-insured employers in both the carrier and brokerage settings. Before coming to Parker, Smith & Feek in 2014, she worked with the Healthy Choice employee wellness program for employees of the Cleveland Clinic, one of the nation’s most progressive and long-standing wellness plans. There she created comprehensive documentation of wellness policies and implemented changes to organizational processes. Kristy also worked with Case Western Reserve University’s human resources department to research the benefits and structure of wellness champion programs in university settings throughout the country. She is well versed in health behavior and policy.

Kristy holds a B.A. in political science from the University of Colorado, Boulder, and a Master of Public Health degree from the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. She is a member of the American Public Health Association and participates with the Art & Science of Health Promotion group and Assurex Global. She loves the outdoors; on evenings and weekends you will find her skiing, rafting, bicycling, or hiking on the trails near her home in Edwards, Colorado.