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Parker, Smith & Feek Vice President, Account Executive, Troy Hyatt

Troy Hyatt

Employee Benefits

(425) 709-3792

Troy Hyatt

Vice President, Account Executive


Troy is a Vice President and Account Executive in our Employee Benefits Department helping clients strategize, build, and execute their employee benefits programs.

Troy has expertise in a variety of health benefit areas, including employee benefit strategies, long range planning, budgeting, health promotion and wellness, employee education and communication. He has extensive experience in all types of funding arrangements including self-insurance, minimum premium, fully insured plans, consumer-directed accounts, and health savings plans. Troy works with employers in construction, professional services, healthcare, real estate, and not-for-profits and is adept in development of comprehensive employee benefits plans that are advantageous to both the organization and its employees.

Troy began his career with a small boutique brokerage in 2004 before moving to a large national firm, where he spent over seven years. He joined Parker, Smith & Feek as an Account Executive in January 2014, and is working toward the Certified Employee Benefit Specialist (CEBS) certification. Troy currently participates in the construction and professional services practice groups at Parker, Smith & Feek and received his bachelor’s degree in business from Washington State University.

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