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In our own words

We hired a local public relations firm to survey our employees with the intent of understanding how they felt about working at Parker, Smith & Feek, how they characterized what we do, and what they would tell clients/friends about us. Their answers were anonymous and reflected a positive feeling about the firm and their respective positions. Selected survey questions and verbatim responses are reproduced below.

If we met at a business networking event and I asked you to tell me about the company you work for, how would you reply?

“It is the best company I’ve ever worked for. I think it is nice they dedicate so much to their employees. It reflects on customer service. The better I’m treated, the better I treat clients and I love working here. I plan on staying here for as long as I can.”

“I would say it is nice to work for a small regional company rather than a corporate company because you’re a home office and get to do what’s right for the customer, not what’s right for the corporation. I get to work with highly capable professional people, focused on working together to do the right thing for the customer.”

If Parker, Smith & Feek was a person and I asked you to describe that person’s character, how would you reply?

“I would say proud. High integrity. Always wanting to do the right thing. High professionalism.”

“I would say he’s/she’s a person with a lot of great ideas and wears a three piece wool suit.”

Thinking back over the time you’ve worked for Parker, Smith & Feek, tell me what you like best about the company.

“Integrity is really important. If someone asks me a question I’m not comfortable with, I go to my manager. We always do the honest, up front, right thing. Teamwork is huge. We work inter-departmentally. We work very closely together.”

“I think they truly value their employees and they have a great benefits package. And for this type of work, the pay’s not bad either.”

If you were responsible for recruiting new employees for Parker, Smith & Feek, what would you do?

“I think I would highlight the benefits of the company in terms of your professional career, what they offer to help you grow, that it is a privately held company, you are treated like an employee and not like a number like at a larger broker. Here you have impact if you see there’s a better way to do something or if you don’t feel its being done right. There are channels for making those changes as opposed to telling you how it’s done. This gives employees more empowerment than somewhere else.”

“I would tell [prospective] employees that we offer a lot of independence. We have great relationships with our underwriters. We have one-on-one contact with clients. It is a friendly, family atmosphere. We work as a team; we can go to any department and talk to them. The ability to grow, it’s up to you independently how you want to do that. You’re not held back.”