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The Parker, Smith & Feek Culture

What is it about Parker, Smith & Feek that makes us a career choice for so many of the highly qualified insurance professionals in the Northwest?

Salary and benefits? Sure, these are important, but not the driving factors that create satisfied long-term employees. No, it’s our culture. When we say we’re different by choice, the “choice” has been to create a culture that is very different from our competitors, and different than that of insurance brokers across the country.

Long term employees recognize and embrace this culture, and are careful to nurture its preservation. The values that create our unique environment have encouraged and motivated them to build their careers at Parker, Smith & Feek. The Parker, Smith & Feek culture is reflected in our employees in 3 ways.

1. Pride in Parker, Smith & Feek’s Client-Centered Model

Delivering outstanding client service is deeply integrated in our corporate culture, and it is a commitment we are intensively proud of. Our environment allows each of us to focus on our client’s needs because we are not competing against each other for commissions – our industry’s most prevalent compensation model. Instead, we work as teams and enjoy the freedom to help one another achieve our common client service goals.

2. Respect for Parker, Smith & Feek’s Integrity

Our character shapes our culture. We enjoy an 80 year reputation for integrity, honesty and professionalism that shapes our business practices. Employees feel that they are continually motivated to “do the right thing” for our clients. We believe that clients want insurance partners who are looking out for their best interests, not simply vendors trying to close a sale.

While service and responsiveness are client priorities, so too is trust – in our expertise, ability to deliver a quality product, and our willingness to go the extra mile. We believe our character engenders the feeling of trust necessary to build partner relationships.

Our respect for each other contributes to our team environment. We help each other by sharing our knowledge and talents and by investing the time to learn new ways and share innovative ideas. 

3. Value of Parker, Smith & Feek’s Local, Private Ownership

Private ownership is the structure that makes our culture flourish. In the minds of our employees, it is our most tangible competitive advantage. Because of our private ownership, we avoid the distractions of having to comply with mandates imposed by a parent company. We make our own decisions about operations which allow us to focus our attention on clients, not shareholders. We can devote resources where needed, and are able to adjust those resources quickly and decisively if and when needs change.

Outsiders and new employees are often surprised at the openness and transparency of our company. Meaningful and ongoing communication is shared with our employees and keeps them abreast of how the company is performing, what the expectations are for growth and earnings, and the strategies for meeting near and long-term goals. Our goal is to transition the ownership of our firm to each new generation of owners. We have no plans to merge, sell, or restructure our company. This is the long-term perspective that creates rock-solid stability – an ideal foundation upon which to build a professional career.

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