Different by choice, Unique by tradition

It’s unique to find an insurance and risk management brokerage firm that values teamwork in order to ensure the delivery of excellence for all clients. That’s what makes Parker, Smith & Feek different. After four generations of private ownership, the knowledge, creativity and dedication of our people has fueled the growth of the firm into one of the 100 largest in the U.S.


The Current State of Employee Benefits

When you meet someone in your field who causes you to reconsider your thoughts in an entirely new way, you take note. I had just that experience at the National Employer Summit held in Seattle in March of 2018, where I had the chance to hear and meet Karen Wren. More ›

How Can The Food Industry Protect Itself From China's New Tarrifs?

There has been a great deal of anticipation to see what materials and products will be added to the contentious U.S. tariff list, many Northwest organizations, from manufacturing to food processors, are calculating the potential impact on their business. More ›

#UsToo: Sexual Harassment in Healthcare

We’ve had an outpouring of media attention on the issue of sexual misconduct in the workplace. The world has heard actors, models, congresswomen, as well as business women come forward to say, “Me too”, but what about those individuals in the healthcare industry? More ›




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