Loss Control / Risk Management

Protecting and preserving the assets and earning ability of our clients’ business often requires special risk management techniques. The mere act of selecting a risk financing option to protect against loss is only the first step in this important process.

Parker, Smith & Feek believes in the traditional definition of loss control (or “risk control”) as a collection of methods used to identify and correct the fundamental and underlying causes of loss. Our practical experience has shown that successful loss control measures may be as simple as providing safety goggles to a machine operator or as complex as designing a complete risk management program for a multi-state company.

Loss prevention and reduction activities improve organizational safety and contribute to a healthier workforce. They also reduce the frequency and severity of insurance claims while decreasing the total cost of risk. Parker, Smith & Feek supports clients with risk management techniques that provide savings in annual premium costs, reduce exposure to loss, and promote satisfactory resolution of claims.

We employ a dedicated loss prevention and safety team to help our clients mitigate these issues. And, we do so within our specific jurisdictions and industries. Our specialists in environmental, property, and healthcare liability work with clients to tailor responsible and efficient risk management programs.

Parker, Smith & Feek also offers a web-based package of services and software applications to effectively and proactively help our clients develop and manage safety and risk mitigation programs. The Risk Management Center is provided to our clients free of charge and is accessed through our corporate website. For more information about the Parker, Smith & Feek Risk Management Center – Click here

Loss prevention and safety service offerings include:

  • Risk management program review
  • Insurance company loss control activities review
  • Insurance company recommendations implementation guidelines
  • Development of workplace safety programs
  • Development of fleet safety and driver training programs
  • Hazard recognition surveys
  • Risk control options for environmental liability
  • Basic information on crisis/disaster planning
  • Consultation on the installation of fire protection systems

Healthcare specific risk management service offerings include:

  • High-risk clinical areas exposure analysis – OB, ED, Surgery/Anesthesia
  • Analysis of clinical documentation practices