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Ever since Ed Feek joined Parker and Smith in 1956 as a partner, surety has played a critical and significant role in the Parker, Smith & Feek story. Today, we write over $40 million of premium in surety bonds, servicing a wide variety of clients in Washington, Oregon, Alaska, California, Hawaii, and all over the world.

Strong Relationships in Surety

We belong to two global alliances: Assurex Global and the Surety Alliance. Assurex Global broadly supports all lines of insurance business, whereas the Surety Alliance is specific to surety. This strong alliance of privately held, like-minded brokers has joined together to serve the domestic and international needs of our collective clients.

We are the largest surety broker in the Pacific Northwest for the two largest sureties in the U.S., and we have significant relationships with all the major sureties. The breadth and depth of our relationships in the surety underwriting ranks make us particularly effective in matching the right surety with each client. Surety is a credit business, but it is relationships that tip the balance and make a difference between a yes and a no, or even a tepid yes versus an enthusiastic one.

Experience and Expertise

Our group has ten seasoned surety professionals with decades of underwriting and broker experience among us. No matter what your needs or challenges, we have encountered it before and found a solution.

We are a service-oriented and service-driven organization. We do not employ commissioned salespeople here. We are responsive in the moment, but never lose our focus on the long term. We firmly believe that this approach results in the best outcomes for you, our clients, for the sureties we represent, and us. We are organized and structured around team work, and our underlying philosophy drives each team member to put the client first. Our long list of loyal and satisfied clients is a testament to that.

Getting Started

If you are in need of surety services, the first question to answer is what are your needs? Are you a contractor just starting out and unsure of how to get a bond? Let us walk you through the process and start you on the right foot. Perhaps you have been a contractor for some time, but you are having issues getting the bonds you need. Or, perhaps you are getting bonds, but you sense you could get more, or have a better relationship? Come to us, and we will help you answer these questions and more. Not every surety has the same approach or sees it the same way – we will match you with the best one for you. And we will do so confidentially, protecting your interests no matter your final decision.

Perhaps you need a license bond, or you are engaged in a legal process that requires a bond? We can help with that too. There are dozens of different types of bonds, and the sheer number can be overwhelming. Let us help you. You can find no better tour guide on the road to a strong, productive solution.

Call us for a confidential consultation about your surety needs, and talk with one of our specialists about how we can help you secure or improve your surety relationship and get you the bonds you need to realize your business goals.