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Private Equity

The Private Equity Practice Group at Parker, Smith & Feek provides risk management, due diligence review and insurance services to private equity firms, venture capital firms and their asset portfolios.  We draw upon a diverse collection of resources within our company and combine these to meet the specific needs of the equity investor and their target transaction.  Our role is that of a consultant or advisor to compliment other professional service disciplines to expose and clarify risks associated with the transaction, and to structure the necessary safeguards to protect the equity firm and their asset portfolios.

Private equity firms and venture capitalists engage in a varied palate of mergers, acquisitions, capitalization, portfolio management and divestiture.  Our Private Equity Practice Group serves the equity investment community in two ways.  First, we offer risk management and insurance protection for the individual firm and the firm’s holdings.  Then, we facilitate an intensive due diligence process designed to expose, quantify and manage the risks associated with a transaction or deal.

Clients Served

  • Venture capitalists
  • Private equity investors

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