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The Lyman Group

Parker, Smith & Feek partners with The Lyman Group (TLG) to provide life insurance and disability insurance solutions for business owners and high net worth individuals. This partnership supports our mutual commitment to provide clients with expertise and differentiated products and services, enhancing our ability to serve your needs.

TLG: What We Do
TLG is a boutique financial services firm, founded more than 40 years ago, providing guidance for business succession planning, business protection strategies, advanced retirement planning and personal protection, and estate planning. TLG develops sophisticated, custom solutions for clients to achieve common goals—tax efficiency, risk reduction, and security for their future.

TLG: More Than the Power of One
TLG is a Member Firm of M Financial Group, one of the nation’s premier financial services design and distribution companies serving the corporate market and affluent individuals. With the following M Financial Group advantages and our focus on client advocacy, TLG is uniquely positioned to deliver differentiated solutions consistent with the objectives of our clients:

  • Product: With access to proprietary products which are designed for high net worth clients, we create solutions which cannot be duplicated by our competitors. This diverse selection of exclusive products, backed by M Financial Group, gives our clients a meaningful edge.
  • Carriers: Instead of being limited to one carrier and a small portfolio of products, our clients benefit from a line-up of the best brands in the industry with dozens of product types. This broad market access supports our ability to create, implement, and maintain customized solutions.
  • Service: Service is critical to long-term relationships with our clients. M Financial Group supports our client commitment with leading edge technology, proactive sales support, and timely market intelligence. Because true success is measured over time, ongoing service that exceeds expectations is critical.
  • Expertise: With access to the intellectual capital of more than 140 M Financial Group firms in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, we learn from the best minds in the industry. We share this insight with the clients and advisors we serve.
  • Client Advocacy: Everything M Financial Group does—reinsurance, proprietary products, due care, in-force management—is focused on client advocacy. We are proud to be part of an organization that shares our commitment and demonstrates it so clearly with meaningful action.
  • In-force Management: A head start is often a permanent advantage—this could not be more  true of the M Financial Group commitment to in-force management. As a pioneer of the concept that existing clients should be treated just as well as future clients, M Financial Group maintains a compelling advantage in the marketplace. Simply put, when it comes to in-force management and product re-pricing, no other organization provides this level of service to its clients.

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