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Forest Products

Parker, Smith & Feek is actively involved in the forest resources industries of Washington, Oregon and Alaska.  We are proud to say that our involvement extends from the harvesting of the tree to the sawmill and finally to the finished products.  We know the insurance markets that have strong underwriting capabilities for forest products companies and have a superior claims team to help manage the difficult losses if they occur.  Parker, Smith & Feek builds effective risk management and insurance solutions for your risk profile and unique business objectives.

The forest resources industry is one that, from an insurance standpoint, is fraught with risks at all points along the way.  Our logging clients face hazards in the forest from cutting and skidding operations, to transporting the logs to mills.  We arrange insurance for the logs in transport as well as the machinery used in their harvest.

Clients Served

  • Timber mills
  • Timber brokers
  • Logging companies
  • Forest/agriculture management companies
  • Veneer and board manufacturers
  • Trim and molding manufacturers
  • Furniture manufacturers
  • Recycled fibers

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