The blueprint is changing for the manufacturing industry.  Economic and demographic changes continue to impact every region of the country.  The Parker, Smith & Feek Manufacturing Practice Group provides industry consultation and risk management services to the manufacturing industry, focusing our attention on the issues and trends that are important to the industry.  These include workforce, as well as legislation, regulation and ergonomics, trade, technology, energy and environment.

Manufacturing operations are the bedrock of economies everywhere and represent one of the world’s largest industries.  In addition, the industry’s diversity and scope means it has an enormous range of exposures.  The Parker, Smith & Feek Manufacturing Practice Group works closely with our workers’ compensation, international risk, and environmental specialists to address manufacturing risk across the globe.

Clients Served

  • Newspapers
  • Heavy machinery manufacturers
  • Steel mills
  • Boat builders
  • Eyewear and clothing manufacturers
  • HVAC installation and manufacturer
  • Die casters

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