Employee Benefits

The employee benefits landscape is fraught with administrative challenges, legislative turmoil, and escalating costs. Nevertheless, Parker, Smith & Feek believes that taking care of your employees should be straightforward. Since 1975, our Employee Benefits Department has sought to help our clients create, administer, and communicate valuable benefits programs to their employees and employees’ families.

This group of professionals uses their experience from a wide variety of backgrounds to craft imaginative and effective solutions for our clients. We have dedicated wellness and compliance consultants who ensure clients programs are accurate and promote a healthy work environment.

Our benefits analysts use actuarial models and benchmarking to support data-driven plan change decisions and mitigate rising healthcare costs. Additionally, each client has a dedicated account manager who advocates on participants’ behalf to help resolve claims when they arise.

Benefits plans should be easily understood and accessible. We offer several educational resources in a variety of formats, including webinars, seminars, and online tools to keep HR managers and plan administrators up-to-date and on track.

Our in-house communications department also produces materials that make program details easy to understand. Employers can choose to provide plan specifics to their participants in whatever medium best suits their needs, whether that is a mobile phone app, laptop computer, or even hard copy paper summaries.

Providing rich employee benefits shouldn’t be impractical. Parker, Smith &Feek can help employers make it accessible and attainable.

Employee benefits services include:

  • Plan and contract review
  • Employee communications and education
  • Vendor evaluation and relationship management
  • Benefit trends and legislative update
  • Self-insurance/alternative funding arrangements
  • Legal compliance support
  • Benefit risk management
  • Wellness and disease management
  • Health plan data analysis
  • Claims advocacy
  • Benefit plan benchmarking
  • Web-based employer and employee resources
  • Retirement plan design and implementation
  • Voluntary benefits
  • Key person benefits
  • International insurance

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