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Beware of Lender “One Size Fits All” Insurance Requirements

One of the stress points for lenders and their underwriters is the fear of a foreclosure due to substantial property damage and improper insurance held by a borrower.

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The latest Risk and Insurance News from around the world – Updated: October 2nd

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When Loss Ensues: Washington State Supreme Court Issues- Mixed Messages on Ensuing Loss Provisions in All-Risk Policies

All-risk property insurance policies generally provide coverage for any peril that causes property damage, except when the damage is caused by a risk specifically excluded in the policy. All-risk policies describe the scope of coverage by a list of exclusions.

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Adapting to Personal Technology

Who knew that there would come a time when you cannot go anywhere with a personal computer in your pocket?

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Turning Homeward: Fostering a New Direction

Kathy Bare, an Account Manager in our Commercial Department, started volunteering with PAWS as a high school student and she has continued to work closely with numerous groups, including PAWS and the Seattle Humane Society, ever since.

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More Than Just Sheet Metal and Paint

In the recent Clint Eastwood film, ‘Gran Torino’, a car plays center stage in the story of a retired auto worker who is disillusioned with his life and with the changes in America and his Detroit neighborhood. The Gran Torino, produced by Ford from 1968 to 1976, was a muscle car, and symbolic of a time in history when US auto production reined supreme and America was the acknowledged muscle of the manufacturing world.

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2012 Perspectives

The pace of change seems to quicken at every turn, even when it feels like change could not come any faster. Around the world, individuals seek a larger voice to influence their futures. In the U.S., we consider how to accelerate economic recovery for a broader population.

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Raising the Flag

Parker, Smith & Feek employees gathered together on April 11th to raise the flag on a newly installed flagpole at our Bellevue office. The ceremony was especially significant because of the history of the flag itself. Todd Syvrud, an Account Manager in our Benefits department, spent six months on deployment at the New Kabul Compound in Afghanistan in 2011.

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Employee Spotlight: Sharon Hall – Pet Partners

Sharon Hall has dedicated her professional career to quality healthcare issues. Before joining Parker, Smith & Feek as our Healthcare Risk Management Specialist, she spent her early career as a nurse and then hospital risk manager.

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Our Clients Share the Same Values

Parker, Smith & Feek has always been a large supporter of local charities, and our clients are the same way. Our client Bartell Drugs and Warm 106.9 have partnered for the 2012 Teddy Bear Patrol.
From March 5 to April 1, you can drop off a new or gently used teddy bear, no larger than 12", at any Bartells location.

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Take a look at a few of the significant events in the History of Parker, Smith & Feek.

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Employee Spotlight: Jim Chesemore – Provail

Our COO, Jim Chesemore, is doubly committed to Provail, a Seattle-based nonprofit organization whose mission is to help people with disabilities fulfill their life choices. He first became involved with Provail through the Pacific Northwest Insurance Council (PNIC).

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