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Andrew Rose // Benefits Account Executive

Andrew Rose

Employee Benefits

(425) 709-3629

Andrew Rose

Account Executive


Andrew Rose is an Account Executive in our Employee Benefits Department helping clients strategize, build, and execute their employee benefits programs. Andrew prides himself on helping organizations strategically align themselves through leveraging technology and organizational priorities. He believes a combination of employee experience, culture, and organizational direction help shape a company’s long-term benefit strategy.

Andrew has spent his entire career guiding organizations through a variety of changes ranging from small overnight changes to multi-year transition plans. He most recently came from the payroll/HCM software space and has a deep understanding of how organizations can use technology to maximize their benefit strategy. He joined Parker, Smith & Feek in early 2022.

Andrew is originally from Atlanta but moved to Seattle in October of 2020. He is a graduate of the University of Georgia with a Bachelor of Business Administration in marketing with a communication minor.