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Tamra Johnson-Hicks

Tamra Johnson-Hicks

Commercial Insurance

(425) 709-3740

Tamra Johnson-Hicks

Client Executive, Client Service Manager


Tamra is a Client Executive and the Client Service Manager in our Construction Practice Group. She is responsible for the overall oversight and direction of the administrative staff for the CPG, ensuring our construction clients are receiving the care and service they are accustomed to receiving from Parker, Smith & Feek. She works with our account teams to design, market, and implement insurance programs that are tailored to the individual needs of our larger, more complex clients. Additionally, she manages all administrative aspects of the insurance program and is a primary contact for our clients working directly with them on account marketing plans and ongoing insurance matters throughout the year.

Tamra collaborates with our account team to develop, analyze, and implement a comprehensive insurance program tailored to meet the individual needs of the client. She prepares our marketing submission that is used by underwriters to develop the terms, coverages, and pricing of the insurance program. Her expertise includes strong negotiation skills that result in breadth of coverage and competitive pricing. Tamra also reviews each policy for completeness and accuracy, and facilitates any required revisions from underwriters. Throughout the policy term, she coordinates the processing of all necessary documents that keep the insurance program current, including endorsements, audits, certificates of insurance, invoices, and premium allocations. 

Tamra’s area of specialty is contractors, both general and subcontractors. Her expertise includes contract reviews for insurance purposes, and the issuance and review of certificates of insurance.

Prior to joining Parker, Smith & Feek in 2009, Tamra worked as a customer service representative for a local broker where she specialized in contractor accounts. She began her insurance career in 2005. She received the Associate in Risk Management designation in 2017.