Different by choice, Unique by tradition

It’s unique to find an insurance and risk management brokerage firm that values teamwork in order to ensure the delivery of excellence for all clients. That’s what makes Parker, Smith & Feek different. After four generations of private ownership, the knowledge, creativity, and dedication of our people has fueled the growth of the firm into one of the 60 largest in the United States.


Becoming the CEO of Your Personal Life: Your Teen Driver

When it comes to risk management and insurance, it’s important to apply your business best practices to your personal life as well. All too often, we overlook assessing our risks More ›

Healthcare costs continue to increase, prompting some employers to adopt strategies to help mitigate the impact. But not many have done so. One of those strategies is implementing a reference-based pricing (RBP) model... More ›

After years of a soft insurance market characterized by low rates, relaxed underwriting standards, and ample carrier and reinsurance capacity across all lines of coverage, the pendulum has started to swing in the opposite direction. A hard insurance market is coming... More ›




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