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Key Insurance Changes From The Washington State 2021 Legislative Session

Parker, Smith & Feek Account Executive Chris Corry provides an overview of the insurance decisions made during the latest legislative session in the Puget Sound Business Journal

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COVID-19’s Impact on Virtual Care

The Covid-19 pandemic dramatically increased usage of virtual care over the last year, and the trend is only increasing as a return to normalcy is on the horizon.

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How Hiring Has Changed After COVID-19

Recruiters should be mindful of how COVID-19 has changed the job market in general and understand the unique way your specific industry has been impacted so that you can position roles well for your hiring pool.

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COVID Vaccine Incentives

Employers are generally allowed to provide COVID vaccine incentives to employees who obtain the vaccine, so long as wellness program rules are followed.

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Improve Workers’ Compensation Costs With CCPAP

The NCCI Contracting Classification Premium Adjustment Program (CCPAP) is a workers’ compensation discount program that provides premium credits to employers that pay higher than average wages to employees classified within contracting class codes.

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