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Markets in Focus :: Real Estate Q3 2022

Given the recent change in demand forces impacting urban/suburban real estate, mixed use projects have become popular once again due to their ability to improve tenant experience through walkability between housing, workplaces
and other amenities.

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Keeping Workers Safe: How The Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act Can Help

As the maritime industry continues to face staffing challenges, having robust and affordable USL&H coverage in place will help ease the burden if an injury occurs to employees who are not considered Jones Act seamen but may become injured in the course of maritime employment over or adjacent to navigable waters.

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IRS Issues Final Rules for Family Coverage Affordability Determination

The IRS has issued final regulations that change the way employer-sponsored plan affordability is calculated when determining if a family is eligible for a premium tax credit (PTC) when purchasing individual health insurance through a public Exchange.

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What Employers Need to Know About Paid Leave Oregon

Paid Leave Oregon rolls out in January 2023, providing employees with up to 12 paid weeks of leave for family, medical, and safe leave. Employers must either contribute to the new Paid Leave Oregon program or offer their employees comparable paid leave benefits.

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