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Markets in Focus :: Life Sciences Q4 2023

In the wake of the pandemic, life sciences companies were challenged to pivot to adopt new technologies and rethink existing operating models to sustain growth and deliver innovation at speeds unseen in the industry.

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Markets in Focus :: General Q4 2023

The global business landscape has undergone significant transformations in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Supply chain disruptions, a direct consequence of the pandemic, have fueled a rapid two-year surge in U.S. inflation. This surge, in turn, has elevated input costs for goods production and heightened public expectations of future price increases.

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Markets in Focus :: Technology Q4 2023

Defined as applying scientific knowledge for practical purposes, technology has many terms, definitions, and use cases. Technology touches every commercial industry vertical and includes hardware and software solutions for public use, including information technology, robotics, the Internet of Things, communication, health technology, machine learning, electronics, and automation.

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Markets in Focus :: Digital Risk Q4 2023

The Digital Risk industry, which includes blockchain, web3, DeFi, and digital assets, experienced another volatile year in 2023. Notable players in the space, such as FTX and Silvergate Bank, suffered headline-grabbing collapses and brought the digital asset marketplace down with them.

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