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Risk in Focus :: Education Q1 2024

Risk in Focus is an overview to show recent risks in the workplace, on the jobsite and throughout the world.

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Markets in Focus :: Real Estate

The real estate industry has experienced turbulent swings in recent years. Market dynamics, including fluctuations in property values, poor economic conditions, and rising interest rates, have negatively impacted real estate clients.

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2024 Compliance Outlook in Oregon

The Oregon legislature was very busy last year adding consumer protections to insured benefits. In addition, the taxable wage cap for Paid Leave Oregon has increased. The contribution rate is not changing, but the taxable wage amount is going up.

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Gender Nondiscrimination Considerations

Coverage for gender-related treatment and services is an evolving issue. Over the past decade, however, legislation, regulations, and court decisions all suggest that failure to provide equal access to coverage based on gender or sexual orientation may violate various nondiscrimination laws.

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