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Navigating Contracts: Builder’s Risk and Tenant Improvement Projects

Contractual risk transfer is a critical piece of risk management strategy and a very familiar one for contractors. As a contractor, there are many ways to mitigate your risk and protect your business when entering into contracts…

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Markets in Focus :: Hospitality Q1 2024

Dynamic shifts are shaping the hospitality industry, from the surge in consumer preferences to innovative strategies driving resilience in the restaurant and hotel sectors. Learn more about how these trends are impacting insurance considerations in our latest Markets in Focus.

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Risk in Focus :: Cyber Q1 2024

Cyber risk is an evolving and often misunderstood class of risk. Rapid technological change, the ever-increasing reach and skills of hackers, and the unpredictability and often unexpected cost of cyber events compound the challenges and increase the stakes for cyber risk protection.

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Making Your Healthcare Organization More Insurable: Medical Professional Liability Claim Trends and Risk Mitigation Strategies

Parker, Smith & Feek’s recent webinar, “How to Make Your Healthcare Organization More Insurable,” featured valuable insights from account executives and healthcare risk management experts Noel Murata and Danielle Donovan. Murata and Donovan shed light on how today’s hard market conditions are impacting medical professional liability claim trends and how insurance carriers are responding.

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Markets in Focus :: Construction

Our Construction Group gathers to analyze construction economic data, weaving together insights that could influence risk and insurance strategies for construction firms.

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