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Risk in Focus :: Cyber Q2 2024

Cyber risk is an evolving and often misunderstood class of risk. Rapid technological change, the ever-increasing reach and skills of hackers, and the unpredictability and often unexpected cost of cyber events compound the challenges and increase the stakes for cyber risk protection.

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Comprehensive Risk Management:A Conversation on Emergency Preparedness and Business Continuity

Emergency preparedness and business continuity planning are integral to mitigating property risks and losses in an organization, ensuring the organization’s longevity and enhancing its ability to withstand adversities. The recent insights from Parker, Smith & Feek/IMA Financial Group Claims Executive Bret Ommodt and Director of Property, Risk Control Eric Riddleberger, along with King County Housing Authority Risk Manager Joel Tobin, presented a comprehensive perspective on emergency preparedness and business continuity planning during PS&F/IMA’s annual Risk and Safety Summit held virtually in December.

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Reducing Workplace Violence in Healthcare: Understanding and Addressing Threats to Employee Safety

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has linked per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) to a range of health issues. These widely used chemicals have been integrated into commercial and consumer products for their valuable properties for decades…

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