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Navigating the Risks of Non-Payment with Trade Credit Insurance

The prospect of customers failing to pay their accounts receivable debt is a looming risk for businesses in all industries, especially in the uncertainty of today’s economic landscape.

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Markets in Focus :: General Q2 2024

The U.S. experienced a record number of costly disasters in 2023, resulting in $92.9 billion in damages. With predictions of an active Atlantic hurricane season in 2024, the urgency for robust risk management and sustainable development is more pronounced than ever.

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Risk in Focus :: Healthcare Q2 2024

Pixel tracking technology, also known as “tracking pixels,” is a hidden piece of code embedded within web pages or emails that monitors user activity. It gathers data such as IP addresses, browser types, and screen resolutions for analysis. While useful for web analytics and marketing, pixel tracking poses significant risks for healthcare organizations.

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With Coverage Costs Rising, Employers Report 9 Benefits of Contracting Health Care Directly

Direct contracting in employee benefits has become increasingly popular among employers seeking to control rising health care costs and improve care quality. This strategy involves self-funded employers negotiating directly with health care providers to secure services at predetermined rates, bypassing traditional insurance carriers to reduce costs.

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Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute Fees Due By July 31, 2024

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) created the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) to help patients, clinicians, payers, and the public make informed health decisions by advancing clinical effectiveness research. The Institute is funded by the PCORI fee which is imposed upon carriers and employers with self-funded medical plans (including HRAs). The PCORI fee went into […]

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