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Markets in Focus :: Construction Q1 2024

The IMA National Construction Group gathers to analyze construction economic data, weaving together insights that could influence risk and insurance strategies for construction firms. In specific scenarios, the construction sector thrives even amid a general economic downturn, thanks to lag time between project initiation and completion, sustaining active spending by owners. Conversely, there are instances where the overall economy is booming, but the construction sector is in decline. The availability and potential of projects for contractors are intricately tied to spending dynamics, with the broader economy influencing owners’ decisions to undertake construction projects.

To get a well-rounded picture of the current state of the construction economy, we look at construction spending, labor, and the cost of construction materials, followed by indicators that will give insight into future expectations. Our future state indicators include backlog, construction starts, ConstructConnect’s Project Stress Index and Expansion Index, and the Architectural Billings Index.

Learn more in the latest Construction Markets in Focus.

Markets in Focus / Construction  Q1 2024 PDF

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