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Builders Risk – How to Structure the Best Program

A construction contract will almost certainly specify who will supply the Builder’s Risk Insurance coverage for any construction project. This could be the projects owner, general contractor or sub-contractor.

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Earthquake Insurance – Setting Limits

One of the most frequently asked questions we hear from clients is “ how much earthquake coverage do I need?” Many factors typically go into the decision when trying to decide how much coverage to buy.

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Thinking about Self Funding?

When health insurance premiums continue to increase at a rate in excess of general inflation or wage increases, many employers ask us whether self-insuring their health plan makes sense for them.

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Transitional Duty Programs – Key to Workers’ Compensation Claims Management and Cost Control

Many employers struggle with how to effectively manage workers’ compensation claim costs and loss of employee productivity when an employee suffers a prolonged absence from work due to an on-the-job injury.

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Non Profit Directors – Risk Management Items to Understand and Consider When Sitting on Outside Boards

When asked to participate on a nonprofit board; typically; the first reaction is to be flattered that someone would want our participation and the second reaction is to agree because it meets a personal or professional goal.

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Does Your Healthcare Facility’s Insurance Program Protect Against Loss of Private Information

Few CEOs, CFOs or risk managers are able to appropriately respond to this question from their Board of Directors unless the facility has previously suffered such a loss.

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