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An eye opening opportunity

Last week, on September 24th, 16 individuals from Parker, Smith & Feek’s Bellevue office participated in the King County United Way Day of Caring, partnering alongside industry friends, Alaska National. Our firms’ combined efforts provided a day of labor and support to two local organizations, the North Seattle Family Center and our local chapter of the Humane Society. While some of our team collected pet food contributions from shoppers at local grocery stores, the bulk of our group got busy painting walls and reorganizing resource materials at the Family Center.

Although the groups worked hard and were physically exhausted by the end of our day, I think we all walked away feeling buoyed by our contributions. So tangible – a real before and after shot coming to life right before our eyes.

I am reminded of a quote by John Heywood, “Many hands make light work”. How true this is. In a mere five hours, our teams had managed to paint room after room at the Family Center; transform a resource center into a more welcoming and user friendly environment; and collected a significant amount of food and funds to care for the numerous animals who find their way to our local shelters.

We also saw firsthand the good work these organizations perform day in and day out with limited resources and could see how vital volunteerism is to their success. I know I personally walked away that evening thinking about how I could help the Family Center even more and am grateful to the Day of Caring program for having opened my eyes.

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