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Parting Thoughts: An Intern’s Story

As my time as an intern here at Parker, Smith & Feek comes to an end, I look back at all of the wonderful opportunities and experiences that this organization has afforded me. When I began in mid-May, I did not know what to expect. The employees at Parker, Smith & Feek embraced me from the get go; I felt like a member of the team as soon as I settled in.

I have been introduced to some of the kindest, hardworking individuals over the course of the last two and a half months. Parker, Smith & Feek challenged me to gain professional experience, improve my organizational skills, and elevate my presentation and research methods.

I spent a lot of my time conducting research for several of the account executives in Bellevue’s commercial department. They tasked me with discovering potential new clients from all over Washington. This allowed me to gain insight on how other companies are structured and operate. During my research, I became familiarized with Parker, Smith & Feek’s own internal computer system. Learning how that system worked was a great skill to have moving forward for my professional career.

Many of the account executives invited me to sit in on meetings that they had scheduled, including client renewals, prospects, claims reviews, non-profit board meetings, informational sessions, and a few causal lunches. Throughout these meetings, I was able to see how Parker, Smith & Feek professionals conduct business, recruit new clients, and add value to the surrounding community. Parker, Smith & Feek is full of amazing people who work together to add value to the business in so many different ways. The corporate culture at Parker, Smith & Feek is organized, inclusive, productive, and fun!

Throughout the latter half of June and most of July, I was tasked with preparing a presentation for our risk management committee concerning the purchase of electronic bicycles for employee use at the Bellevue offices. I had the opportunity to meet with the E-bike provider and test out the product that we were looking to purchase. It was a great experience for me to meet with individuals from another company on my own.

I communicated with members from their sales department about the product and all the ins and outs of purchasing an E-bike. I compiled research about E-bikes and Washington state laws, and held meetings with members from various departments at Parker, Smith & Feek. I prepared a report of my findings and presented it in late July. It was an awesome experience to have my own project within the company. I had a fantastic partner for the presentation as well, which was a great way to learn how to collaborate with another employee on a task such as this.

Overall, I am extremely thankful for my time at Parker, Smith & Feek. It has been an honor to work at this organization for the summer. I have learned countless valuable things over the course of the last two months. Whether it was conducting research, giving small presentations, or even handing out company branded golf towels at local tournament, I was happy to have been a part of the Parker, Smith & Feek team. This company has given me a wonderful insight into what a truly well run organization looks like. I look forward to using the tools that Parker, Smith & Feek has given me in my future endeavors.

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