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Shake It Out

October 17th is International ShakeOut Day, when over 60 million people worldwide will participate in an earthquake drill that protects people and save lives when “the big one” hits. Practicing the “Drop, Cover, Hold On” drill will help you and your family know exactly what to do when an earthquake happens.

You can participate in the Great ShakeOut in many ways. Conduct your own family drill, organize a neighborhood or workplace ShakeOut, or register to join your state drill. (Washington currently leads the Pacific Northwest states with nearly 1.5 million participants!) Register at The website also includes a wealth of critical earthquake preparedness information and resources that can help save lives and prevent serious injury.

The Private Client Group at Parker, Smith & Feek is dedicated to risk management and insurance solutions. As part of our service, we produce and share important risk management information, including a timely earthquake preparedness packet, for our clients and the community. Request a complimentary copy at Please include your email or mailing address.

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