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Women in Leadership

To quote Six Sigma Black Belt, Jack Donaghy, “Diversity is the engine that drives this country.” Though Jack is a fictitious character, his message rings true. Diversity in employee populations leads to variety in opinion, critical thinking, decision-making, and problem-solving. At Parker, Smith & Feek, we recognize that diversity is fundamental to our core values of demonstrating intellectual curiosity and acting with uncompromising integrity, as well as our mission. We would not be where we are today without the fantastic mix of different people who make up our organization.

In light of our own dedication to diversity, we would like to showcase a series produced by one of our clients, Gravity Payments. This Seattle-based credit card processing services company made headlines in years past when their CEO paid each one of his employees a $70k salary, giving equal pay a whole new meaning. Now, they continue to make waves with a ten-part series called Women in Leadership. Each part of the series deals with stories, struggles, and solutions learned by female leaders as they forge their own path forward in the business world. Visit their website to view all ten parts.

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