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In 2006, Parker, Smith & Feek solved a problem that had plagued the insurance industry for 30 years.  Well before the invention of the personal computer and Microsoft, insurance brokers dreamed of sending insurance applications and underwriting information for an individual client automatically to multiple insurance companies without preparing submissions separately.  The concept was called SEMCI which stood for “Single Entry Multiple Carrier Interface.”  SEMCI was the subject of conferences, white papers and voluminous research from IBM, Digital and ensuing computer and software makers for the past decades.

Parker, Smith & Feek’s IT Department applied their web-based technology skills and introduced a tool we dubbed MarketLINK, which slew the SEMCI dragon.  This tool allows our staff to prepare one submission presentation which is made available to multiple carriers through a secure, private Web site. Insurance underwriters can respond to the submission electronically and securely.  Not only is the process more efficient for our staff and the underwriter, it also creates a database of information that our clients can update easily the following year during policy renewal.  Underwriters tell us that MarketLINK is the only system of its kind in the industry, and that means our clients’ submissions are at the top of their consideration list.