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2021 Annual Employee Benefits Update

2021 Annual Employee Benefits Update Webinar

Washington State Long-Term Care Act Update Webinar

The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA) includes significant employee benefits-related provisions, including a federal subsidy of COBRA premiums. Beginning April 1st, the ARPA COBRA subsidy will cover 100% of the cost of COBRA continuation coverage for up to six months for certain individuals who have had an involuntary termination of employment or reduction in hours. In this webinar, attendees learned about:

  • New COBRA employer notice requirements
  • How the COBRA premiums will be paid
  • How employers will be reimbursed

We also discussed the rapid evolution in the virtual care space due to the pandemic and its dizzying array of vendor options and many different definitions of what constitutes virtual care. In this session, we asked our partner, Premera BlueCross, to help us understand how this rise in virtual care has pushed them to quickly package programs to meet a variety of client needs, evolve their product portfolio, and enable providers to meet member’s needs today and in the future.

Other topics covered were:

  • ARPA-related Dependent Care Assistant Plan (DCAP) employee pre-tax elections
  • ARPA-related subsidy increases for individual health insurance purchased through a public marketplace
  • Worksite vaccination updates

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