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Washington State Long-Term Care Act Update

Washington State Long-Term Care Act Update Webinar


The Washington state legislature passed updated provisions of the new Long-Term Care Trust Act extending the deadline for individuals to find alternative long-term care coverage. The new deadline for obtaining other qualifying coverage is November 1, 2021.

As Washington’s new Long-Term Care Act is finalized, employers should be thinking now about how they will respond to this new tax on employees. Our speakers Karen Dacek, long-term care broker from Pillar International, Connie Carroll, insurance advisor from Pillar International, and Erik Reynolds, business development manager of M Financial Group shed light on the following questions:

  • What is the Long-Term Care Act and who will be affected?
  • What options exist to opt-out of the program (and tax)?
  • What is my responsibility as an employer?
  • What is currently available in the marketplace for private long-term care coverage: group coverage or voluntary?
  • What is the process for individuals to opt-out of the long-term care state tax?

A recording of the presentation, along with downloadable copies of the materials, are available below.

Webinar Resources

Watch recording.
Download the presentation.

Other Resources & References

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