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Washington State Long-Term Care Act Update

Long-Term Care Act Update Webinar

Washington State Long-Term Care Act Update Webinar


The payroll tax was originally effective January 1, 2022. However, after Governor Inslee announced the postponement of the tax, Washington legislators quickly moved to enact legislation which would formally delay the long-term care tax until July 2023.

Read more regarding this update here.

As Washington’s new Long-Term Care Act is finalized, employers should be thinking now about how they will respond to this new tax on employees. Our speakers Karen Dacek, long-term care broker from Pillar International, Connie Carroll, insurance advisor from Pillar International, and Erik Reynolds, business development manager of M Financial Group shed light on the following questions:

  • What is the Long-Term Care Act and who will be affected?
  • What options exist to opt-out of the program (and tax)?
  • What is my responsibility as an employer?
  • What is currently available in the marketplace for private long-term care coverage: group coverage or voluntary?
  • What is the process for individuals to opt-out of the long-term care state tax?

A recording of the presentation, along with downloadable copies of the materials, are available below.

Webinar Resources

Watch recording.
Download the presentation.

Other Resources & References

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