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Your Insurance Broker: Providing Value Beyond Just Finding Carriers

Even though current financial markets are in a state of flux, and floods and hurricanes have recently wreaked havoc on Midwestern and Southern Communities, the insurance industry is still flush with capacity.

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Is Your Firm’s Private Data Susceptible to Breach?

In today’s data age, almost all organizations store some form of private or confidential information, whether it is employees, customers, or information obtained from vendors.

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Private Companies Rely on PS&F

40% of Washington’s twenty-five Largest Private Companies as identified by the Puget Sound Business Journal rely on Parker, Smith & Feek to provide some of their insurance needs.

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Earthquake Insurance – Is Your Policy on Stable Ground?

The recent magnitude 5.4 quake in Southern California may have been moderate in severity and caused minimal damage, but it certainly rattled our memory that we too live in a seismically active area. 

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Workplace Wellness: Why Promote Wellness