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opens in a new windowProtecting What’s More Valuable Than Money From Cyber-Thieves

A criminal indictment announced last week charged three people with the largest hacking and identity-theft case in history. In addition, 30 civil lawsuits have been filed against one of the hacked companies, Heartland Payment Systems.

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Insurance Strategies in a Recession

In these current economic times, with stiff competition for work, cost cutting is a top priority for contractors. One of the areas that many companies will look at to save costs is their insurance.

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Corporate Governance and Risk Management for Financial Institutions: The Broker’s Role

The FDIC expects more bank failures as the financial crisis continues. On May 27th the FDIC released the Quarterly Banking Profile that represents a report card on the industry status and performance.

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Trade Credit Insurance – An Old Product Renewed

Euler Hermes recently forecasted an increase of 35% in corporate worldwide insolvencies for 2009, after an increase of more than 27% in 2008.

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Risk Management for Employees Traveling Abroad

In many of the world’s leading danger zones — Mexico, Ecuador, Venezuela, Brazil and Colombia — the kidnapping of North American executives for ransom has long been a growth industry.

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Flu Pandemic Preparedness

The recent outbreak of the H1N1 (swine) flu virus has led many of us to question the potential impact a pandemic event would have on our employees and business operations.

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What is Your Surety Thinking Now?

To say we live in uncertain and volatile economic times is an understatement. We are likely in one of the biggest, deepest recessions we will see in our lifetime. Unemployment is high and rising.

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Bonds Versus Letters of Credit

Things are changing quickly in today’s economic environment including the cost of posting Letters of Credit to meet various obligations. Traditionally a Letter of Credit has been a more competitive option than obtaining a Surety Bond.

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Eight Components of an Effective Workers’ Compensation Program

The good news for employers is that their Workers’ Compensation premium is one of the most manageable insurance costs they face due to the direct relationship between the claims an employer incurs and the cost of their insurance.

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Is Your LEED Certified Building Adequately Insured?

As a building developer/owner you invest a lot of money in building a LEED certified project.  Has your broker discussed the potential gaps in a traditional property insurance policy versus a policy enhanced to include the ‘green’ endorsement now offered by many carriers?

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Your Insurance Broker: Providing Value Beyond Just Finding Carriers

Even though current financial markets are in a state of flux, and floods and hurricanes have recently wreaked havoc on Midwestern and Southern Communities, the insurance industry is still flush with capacity.

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