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Post-Election Update Seminar Video

Healthcare Post-Election Update Description and Disclaimer In the Healthcare Reform Post-Election Update, Parker, Smith and Feek (PS&F) gathered three healthcare insurance experts to examine the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The speakers explain in a clear — sometimes humorous — manner the nuances of the law as related to small and medium-sized businesses both on the national and state level. After a brief introduction by PS&F President Greg Collins, Bob Radecki, the President of Benefit Comply LLC, breaks down the numbers as related to everyday businesses, covers new definitions of “full-time” and “large employer” and emphasizes the whats-and-whens of new ACA disclosures. Then Keith Bell, Director of the Washington Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) explains the process and thinking behind setting up a state-run health care exchange. The conference is wrapped up by Kevin Norris, Principal of PS&F, covering what employers should expect in the coming months and years.

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