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2022 Annual Employee Benefits Update Webinar

2022 is shaping up to be a busy year for employee benefit managers. Bob Radecki, Senior Regulatory and Public Policy Analyst at Benefit Comply, brought you up to date on important legal and compliance developments that affect your employee benefit plans, including:

  • How might the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision impact your employee benefits?
  • Are you ready for the transparency in coverage requirements going into effect over the next few months, including the new prescription drug cost reporting due at the end of 2022?
  • What benefits-related legislative changes are still possible this year?
  • What changes will you need to make to your benefits when the pandemic national emergency is declared over?

Additionally, Dr. Renee McLaughlin, Cigna’s national medical director for transgender health, joined us to provide an overview of how to think about the benefits to support transgendered people. For context, she shared an overview of her own gender transition journey.

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