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Safety and Risk Series : Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Safety & Risk Summit - Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

In Parker, Smith & Feek’s final Safety and Risk Series webinar, a panel of risk and safety experts will share lessons learned from COVID-19 and their experiences and new perspectives on disaster preparedness, disaster recovery, and business continuity planning. The panel will answer the following questions:

  • What policies and procedures have you implemented for risks other than COVID-19 after the past 18 months?
  • Does your leadership view risk and disaster preparedness differently now? Has their risk tolerance changed?
  • How do you go about reviewing your business continuity planning? Are you finding alternative suppliers and vendors?
  • What models and analytics do you use when looking at worst-case scenarios?

A recording of the presentation, along with downloadable copies of the materials, are available below.

Webinar Resources

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